Off-Roading Family Fun With The Hammerhead GTS150™

When shopping for something fun and exciting to enjoy with your family, you can never go wrong with true off-road go carts. They’re simply one of the most fun ways to play outside no matter what your age is or what your hobbies are. Imagine coming home to find the Hammerhead GTS 150 in your garage, just waiting for you to start up and drive. These carts are consistently one of the nation’s best sellers, coming in with more standard features than most other go carts available. That’s why they make a fantastic choice for having a great time with your family, just enjoying yourselves as you breezily fly through your local off-road terrain in one of these fantastic vehicles.

Off-Roading Family Fun With The GTS 150™

Each of these vehicles comes with two adjustable bucket seats, 5-point seatbelts, adjustable steering wheel, speedometer/odometer, unique styling with wrap around side panels, and much more! They are also electric started, have all wheel fenders, dual headlights and canopy tops. These are just some of things that make it an all-around standard for recreation and for casual lovers of off-road carting. They’re perfect for someone who just wants to have a good time without having to worry about any of the complications or concerns that other less standardized carts may have. That, and they’re still quality vehicles that you can both depend on and enjoy.

We at Hammerhead have been selling off-road carts from our home base in Flower Mound, Texas since 2003. Since then we’ve committed ourselves to tackling the biggest industry concerns from quality control, to parts availability, and to customer service. It’s for these reasons that our products and our brand have become a leader in off-road go carts, and are recognized around the world. Check us out here, to see everything that we have to offer.

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