Keep Riding All Summer Long

Summer is a great time for some fun and relaxation and getting outside is a great way to enjoy the summer months. The summer heat can deter some outdoor activities, but it shouldn’t deter you from enjoying your UTV ride. Don’t let the summer heat deter you from riding your UTV for work or pleasure during the hot months. Summer is a great time to ride your UTV because of clearer skies and less threat of rain. With preparation and the right gear, you can enjoy your UTV all summer long without any worries.

Keep Riding All Summer Long


Your clothing will go a long way in making your UTV ride as enjoyable as possible. You may be tempted to wear short sleeve shirts and shorts because it’s hot outside, but you should continue to wear long sleeves and pants. This will protect your skin from not only cuts and scrapes if you go off road with your UTV, but it will also protect your skin from prolonged exposure to the sun. It can be easy to get sunburned, so make sure that you take the necessary precautions to protect your skin from UV rays. It’s best to choose breathable material during the summer. Choosing light colors will also help beat the heat.

Make sure to continue wearing a helmet and goggles when you ride. You might look at tinted goggles to further protect your eyes.

Stay hydrated and cool

Make sure to bring plenty of water on your trip. You’ll want to avoid dehydration. You will undoubtedly sweat during your UTV ride, so you will want to replenish the fluids and electrolytes lost during the ride. In addition to water, you can bring sports drinks and healthy snacks to take a break with.

Try to ride in the shade when possible. This will help keep you cooler during the ride. Temperatures are much cooler in the shade than in direct sunlight. Take frequent breaks if needed in the shade and cool off.

Know heat exhaustion warning signs

Even if you plan to ride only for a short amount of time, make sure you recognize the signs of heat exhaustion for yourself and any other passengers you may have with you. Typical signs are cold, clammy skin, nausea, dizziness and weakness. There’s no such thing as being over prepared!

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