Why Go Karting Is Great For Young Girls

Most ads for go karts are going to cater to young boys, but there’s no reason your daughter or niece can’t enjoy this fun hobby. Representation for women in STEM and in Hollywood has been on the rise for the past few years, so why not increase female representation in go karting? Here are some reasons why go karting is great for young girls.

Why Go Karting Is Great For Young Girls

Driving Skills

Every child longs for the day they can move from the back to the passenger seat, and from there to the driver seat. Apart from being a great way to spend an afternoon, go karting allows kids to get a handle on steering and braking, as well as forming the habit of buckling their seatbelt. Studies also suggest that go karting can enhance both reflexes and motor skills(no pun intended).

Interest in STEM

Go karts are pretty bare bones. Due to this, a lot of the mechanisms of the go kart, as well as its general frame, are quite visible to those driving them. Who knows, perhaps seeing the intricate machinery that allows their go kart to go could ignite a curiosity in your little lady as to how things work. Plenty of boys have been inspired by cars to go into engineering and other facets of STEM, and there’s no reason the same couldn’t happen for a girl.

Something New to do with Friends

There’s nothing wrong with sleepovers, arts and crafts, and Disney movies, and we all know more and more young girls are playing sports with their buddies now than ever, but go karting is truly a novel experience for most young kids, whether boy or girl. Your little girl could be the talk of the third grade class with something exhilarating and unique to offer at any playdate or birthday party.

Bring Out Their Competitive Side

Most traditionally female activities don’t invoke the competitive nature in young women. Social scientists believe this has added to the wage gap over the years. Certainly enrolling girls in any sport encourages them to compete with others, but go karting could be another fun way to do so. Whether they have a friend or sibling in another kart to race, or if they’d like to take turns timing their laps, go karts can inspire fun competition.

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