The HH Torpedo Will Heal Your Back-to-School Blues

Torpedo When it’s time for the kids to surrender those last few weeks of summer and get back into the classroom, there is a lot of extra energy that needs to be burned off. Whether your child has a few spare minutes after the morning chores or has to wait until school is out at the end of the day, the HH Torpedo provides the perfect way to let them unleash all of that pent up energy in a manner that is approved by mom and dad. The Torpedo is our smallest yet most enormously kid-friendly go kart and will keep the kids active outdoors for hours at a time!

This entry-level go kart is intended for ages 6 and older, and the throttle governor and adjustable pedals make it the ideal choice for the little ones who are just learning how to drive and operate their own cart. The Torpedo rides well across all different types of terrain and can be used for driving circles in the backyard or cruising down your favorite trails through the woods. With adjustable speed control and a protective lap belt, parents can have a peace of mind in sending their kids outside to have some fun after homework time is complete.

With a 4HP LCT pull-start engine, the Torpedo is easy to handle and maintain and offers a ton of fun without a lot of complexity. Hammerhead Off-Road has been busy manufacturing and distributing our safe and reliable vehicles across the country since 2003, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve your family and all of your off-roading needs!

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