Get Your Kids Outside with the Mudhead 208R™

Looking for a way to get your kids away from the game consoles and push them outside to enjoy nature? The Hammerhead Mudhead 208R is the perfect choice for those with a bit of land and kids with a bit too much energy to stay cooped up inside.

Get Your Kids Outside with the Mudhead 208R™

With a bit more power than the smaller Hammerhead Torpedo, the Mudhead has a 208cc engine capable of cranking out 6.5 horsepower: the perfect amount to keep your kids engaged with the thrill of winding through the trails and bogging through the mud without the fear of them going overboard on speed. To add to this, the Mudhead has a throttle governor which keeps the engine rumbling smoothly when the going gets rough and also prevents the vehicle from accelerating too quickly and reaching dangerous speeds. The transmission only relies on three positions: neutral, reverse, and drive, making this a great vehicle for the inexperienced. So if you want a simple and safe off-road go-kart to ease your kids into the spirit of the lifestyle, look no further.

Other features of the engine and drivetrain include a manual choke which can enable this vehicle to start reliably in all weather scenarios, as well as a simple electric start to make those days of cranking and cranking on a cable to start a cold engine a thing of the past. For ease of mind, however, the Mudhead also comes equipped with a manual cord start…just in case.

Hammerhead produces some of the toughest off-road go-karts, and the Mudhead is no exception. Solid black steel wheels will resist the relentless ruts and dips in the trail like nothing else, its adjustable seats will ensure a safe riding position, and the combination front Dual A-Arm/rear Swing Arm suspension will soak up those blows for a comfortable and safe ride. Add to that the safety of its three-point harness seatbelt and powerful LED headlights for a clear view of the trail and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

If you need a way to introduce your kids to the wonder and awe of the great outdoors, look no further. To check out this vehicle for yourself, find a dealer here.